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Hockey Olympic gold medalist Florian Fuchs takes us on a trip, apart from the usual hockey court, to check his hometown Hamburg on its hockey capabilities.

The EXILIM HIGH SPEED models are equipped for the highest demands. Our most advanced technology makes functions possible that were never before dreamed of in a compact camera.
These cameras amaze!

Equipped to meet the highest of demands: The EXILIM ZR100 has an amazing zoom range. The camera features a 24-mm wide-angle lens with image stabiliser and 12.5x optical zoom. When used in combination with the Multi Frame SR zoom, this makes for a 25x zoom, corresponding to a focal length of 600 mm with 35-mm film equivalent. Add to this the 360° panorama function, and the EXILIM ZR100 is perfectly equipped whatever the subject. Thanks to HDR technology, the 12.1-megapixel camera performs particularly well when taking action-packed shots. Bright colours can be captured even with backlight, and the contrast range is truly unrivalled. The EXILIM ZR100 sets new standards when it comes to compact cameras for discerning photographers.

Thanks to the new EXILIM Engine HS, the high-speed EXILIM ZR10 offers uncompromising performance.

The EXILIM EX-H30 makes a perfect trip: it delivers 1000 photos per battery charge, 12.5x optical zoom, 24-mm wide-angle lens and much more. A wealth of detail to capture your favourite moments!

The new EX-H20G is the innovative travel camera with hybrid GPS from CASIO. Get to know the unique features in the EXILIM Travel Channel: Indoor and outdoor location fixing, interactive world maps, around 10,000 famous attractions, approximately 1 million place names and much more.

Improved performance with the new Highspeed CMOS Technology - Test the new Highspeed Technology.

Experience impressive worlds with an even more powerful image processor - now in the Special

With its super long-life battery, 12.1 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, 24 mm wide-angle lens and a wealth of intelligent functions, the new EXILIM EX-H10 has everything you need whatever the occasion.

The impressive new EXILIM EX-Z90 features a stylish design in 6 attractive colours! Take great photos, HD videos and unique Dynamic Photos with this top-of-the-range digital camera. Take part now and send your own Dynamic Photo to your friends. All participants will be entered into our draw to win some fabulous prizes.

Discover the artist in you! The new Dynamic Photo Function enables you to cut a moving motif out of several photos which have already been taken and use another photo as background. No need for a computer, jut your EXILIM camera!

With EXILIM you will never miss the perfect moment: Discover the high-speed dimension of photography and find out all there is to know about the benefits of the extraordinary and ultra-rapid high-speed technology in EXILIM digital cameras EX-FC100, EX-FS10, EX-FH20 and EX-F1 - now in the High-Speed Special.

Whether bags, waterproof casings or tripods: EXILIM accessories are so diverse that they offer something special to fulfil every requirement.
Accessory of the month: Power adapter AD-C100

Backlight, night-time photos and unfavourable lighting conditions - the ultimate challenge for every photographer. With the EXILIM Engine 3.0, you can easily overcome these problems.

Discover the EXILIM EX-S10 with its unbelievably slim and sophisticated design. Its innovative functions and easy operation guarantee great photos and films in every situation. Let yourself be amazed!

From now on you can have even more fun and satisfaction with YouTube™, because your EXILIM camera does all the work for you. Discover the YouTube™ Capture Mode from EXILIM!

With 12.1 Megapixels you are ideally equipped for any challenge and can record many precious moments and small details at the press of a button.

The entire world of data in your EXILIM
Word documents, Excel tables, websites - with EXILIM you can have all important information, such as city maps or timetables, on hand whenever you need them. Discover the advantages of the data storage function and win our range of wonderful prizes.

Dogs running, kids jumping around, moving cars - there are countless examples of moving motifs, which can try the patience of even professional photographers. Discover the solution: Auto Framing.

Take the new EXILIM waterproof casings with you when you hit the water next, and prepare to be amazed at what you can find.

Experience New York, the city that never sleeps - with a battery that remains wide awake during your voyages of discovery.

Direct Printing makes photo printing as easy as turning on your television set. EXILIM explains what this involves and how Direct Printing works.

"Cameras with which even beginners can take perfect photos" - The CASIO research and development managers in interview.

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